For boats without a winch

We have also developed our deck fitting which means ShipShade can be used on every kind of boat, even without a winch. Simply attach the deck fitting where you’d like it, insert the winch handle and slide on your umbrella for instant shade.

Instant Shade

Your 183cm diameter umbrella is quickly mounted by inserting the winch handle into a winch or deck fitting, attaching the umbrella, adjusting it for direction and height of canopy with the easy to use headtilt and pole clamp systems.

Made to last

The corrosion resistant and shower proof umbrella is self-protecting when it’s windy, with a UVF and water resistant fabric for protection when you need it most.

The Beach Bonus!

You can also use your ShipShade umbrella off your boat too. Simply re-insert the protective plastic cone into the end of the tube and the ShipShade doubles up as a great beach or garden umbrella!

A safety tip

Attach a light line from the top of the umbrella to the winch or another fixed deck location, to secure it when it’s windy.